About Bri

I’ve been riding and training for over twenty years. I believe that every horse is different, and requires training specific to their needs, and own unique personality. Our training is based on Dressage and our main focus is proper Horsemanship.  I incorporate elements of cross training  to blend well with your horses own personal skills.  We believe knowing how your horse moves will help the training experience.

I encourage horse and owner to build trust as a team. High expectations are good, but we don’t push horses beyond what you, or your equine partner are capable of.   Know where your horse is, and know their bodies.  Let me teach your horse to be quiet, soft and responsive. Perform difficult movements with ease.   Every horse needs a job! Allow them to fill their own potential.

References & Clients

Martha Deeds
Middle Ground Farm
Larkspur, CO

Tracey Powers
Coach and Training Center for U.S. Modern Pentathlon Team
Colorado College Riding Team

Acacia Coast
Owner/ Operator: Elevation Friesians, LLC
Assistant Trainer & Business Manager: STC Dresssage, LLC
Elevation Friesians, LLC | STC Dressage, LLC

Captain Michelle Kelly
Olympic Pentathlete
United States Army

Joanie Johnston
Nose-it! The Horse Toy!

Dorothy Pinney
Barn Manager
MM Equestrian Center
Fountain, Colorado

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